Our Company has several different funding providers available and we will tailor your own individual package to suit your circumstances. We are able to offer agreements up to 5 years in length, subject to status.

Please give us a call or complete the form in the contact us section of our web site if you wish to discuss how we may be able to help. Below is a brief summary of the different types of package we can offer.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase offers a straightforward way to spread the cost of your new car. You pay a fixed rate of interest and benefit from fixed monthly payments, making budgeting simple and easy.
You choose the amount of deposit you wish to pay, typically between 0%20% of the car’s price. The remainder of the balance, together with the interest, is repaid over an agreed period (12-60 months).

The benefits of Hire Purchase:

  • Low deposit – doesn’t tie up personal or business assets
  • Control – you decide the deposit, you decide the term
  • Fixed monthly payment – makes budgeting simple
  • Flexibility – doesn’t compromise your other lines of credit
  • Assets – you gain ownership of the car
  • Tax benefits – tax allowances for business users
  • VAT free – no VAT on payments

Hire Purchase With A Balloon (Lease Purchase)

Hire Purchase with a balloon offers lower monthly payments than standard Hire Purchase. Instead, at the end of the agreement, you can make a final lump sum payment (or ‘balloon’) to purchase the car in full.
It’s fixed rate finance, but with a lower fixed monthly outlay since you defer repayment of some of the borrowing. At the end of the agreement you have a number of options including car purchase, refinance, part-exchange or resale.
The deposit you pay is flexible – typically between 0%-20% of the car’s full price. The deferred balloon element is calculated on the estimated future resale value of the car.
The difference, plus interest, is repaid in equal instalments over an agreed period (12-48 months), plus a final balloon payment.

Why consider Hire Purchase with balloon?

  • Low deposit – doesn’t tie up cash reserves
  • Lower fixed monthly payments – perfect for budgeting
  • A better car – lower payments can help you choose a higher specification car
  • Flexibility – does not compromise your other lines of credit
  • Assets – you gain car ownership
  • Tax benefits – Tax allowances for business users
  • VAT free – no VAT on payment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered on this site please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Q: Can I get a quote by phone?

Yes, you can speak to one of our experienced finance consultants by calling 01159 469930

Q: How Long will I have to wait to receive approval on my finance?

We ensure the approval process is as fast as possible and generally we will have your application agreed in principal within 24 hours.

Q: Why should I choose Regent Street Automotive?

Regent Street Automotive Ltd are three ex-main dealer managers who are able to offer non pressured advice. We offer competitive funding packages. Once you engage our services you can be confident that not only will we deliver the best funding solution but we will also ensure the process is seamless from start to finish.

Q: Are there any limitations on where I can buy my car?

Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options – it depends on the circumstances.